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Trish Sitting by a window, reading a Bible.

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Trish came to know the Lord at a very young age, but confesses she didn’t really know God until she found herself in the midst of life-changing circumstances almost 20 years ago. It was through those experiences Trish began to seek the promises and treasures found within the Word of God, which changed her life. The more she learned, the more she wanted to share and teach others what the Lord had revealed to her.

Trish has always had a unique love for history, and that love has since fueled itself into a passion for God’s great history Book. According to Trish, nothing excites her more than teaching, speaking and sharing the stories, lessons and deeper meanings found in Scripture. She has the ability to make connections not instantly seen and shares those connections in a way it leaves others eager to learn more.

Trish has been speaking and teaching most of her adult life. Working as a previous Pharmaceutical Representative, Trish gained experience in effective communication skills, connecting with an audience and delivering a powerful message. Eventually, she transitioned out of the corporate world, and started her own business as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Trish is able to take many of the life lessons learned in training and apply them to our daily Christian walk.

Trish’s ministry experience includes developing, leading and teaching a women’s Bible study, that started with 25 participants and grew to over 200 within a few short years. She has served on leadership teams for Mom’s groups, Special Events, and Bible studies taught as multiple churches. Most of the studies Trish has taught have been material she has written and developed herself, such as Seven, A Modern Day Look at the Feasts of the Lord, Understanding the Motivational Gifts, and Names of God, but also include others written by nationally known authors such as Max Lucado, Charles Stanley, Katherine Martin and more.

When Trish isn’t speaking or teaching, she can be found watching her kids softball, volleyball or lacrosse games. She doesn’t leave the activities to just the kids though, as Trish is forever in search of a tough trail to hike, the perfect lake to waterski and a great course to run.

You can learn more about Trish Johnson, by viewing her Trish Johnson Youtube Channel to watch her speak and reading her Book entitled “Seven: A Modern Day Look at the Feasts of the Lord“.  You will get a flavor of her passion and commitment to study and understand the word of God.  She brings the word to life as she explains to her audience what the Lord has taught her from the scriptures.


“The Bible study, Seven has been one of the most helpful studies I’ve done. I believe that unless we understand the old testament and the covenant God made with his people, we don’t truly understand Jesus and what he did for us.”
Gloria Penwell, Acquisitions Editor, Bold Vision Books
“Seven lays a beautiful framework for the old testament story of Jesus and his part in our salvation by explaining the feasts God commanded his people to observe.”
Gloria Penwell, Bold Vision Books
“Through the study of Seven I feel like I am seeing things for the first time. Things I had failed to understand, because I didn’t understand Jewish culture.”
Ray Merrill

Life Bible Verse

I have become its servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness–the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the saints.”  Colossians 1:25-26