Gone Off The Deep End

Meeting Jesus

Many years ago there was a man whom many referred to as a zealot. He had an earnest enthusiasm, was eager to please those in authority and was driven by a seemingly untamable and undeniable passion for truth. This man then had an experience that changed his life forever. He met Jesus. He met his Savior, and from that moment on his life was never the same. Oh, he was still eager and passionate, and even zealous, but these attributes took on a whole new meaning once he realized his life was a testimony to the love and power of Jesus Christ.

This man was the apostle Paul. Saul, the Hebrew Zealot became Paul, the Christian Evangelist who traveled the Gentile world teaching, healing and performing miracles. Saul, the Pharisee became Paul, the Preacher spreading the Gospel to any and all who would listen and believe. Saul, the Hebrew of Hebrews became Paul, the Servant of Christ Jesus who wrote letter after instructional letter to the early church, becoming a part of the Holy Word read by millions today.

Going Off The Deep End

Those who knew Paul in his “pre-Jesus” days would most likely say of him after his conversion that he had gone “off the deep end.” He’d lost his mind, gone crazy, and his actions unexplainable. He had just gone too far. Those who are familiar with the story of Paul, his missionary journeys, his letters, know he didn’t lose his mind, instead he found the truth. He hadn’t gone crazy; he fell in love. His actions could be explained by anyone who has spent time with Jesus. He didn’t go too far, he simply went in faith. He went off the deep end for Jesus!

Paul chose to live a sold-out life for his Savior. He took the gifts given to him by his Creator and decided to use them for the glory of the Lord. Paul knew God had called him to be His witness and declare to a hurting world there is a God who loves them, who gave His Son for them and desires to have an intimate relationship with them.

Living Testimony

Paul’s life became a testimony for the Lord. After Paul encountered Jesus, he went off the deep end, devoting his life to making sure others knew the saving power of the Messiah. If you have encountered Jesus, are you willing to let the world think you are “crazy” as you live an unexplainable life? Are you willing to go off the deep end like Paul?


About the Author:

I have developed a deep passion for the culture and customs of Biblical times, and it is my heart’s desire to teach others about the symbolism hidden within pages of God’s Word. I love to seek out and focus on the “little things,” that when discovered, become more like God-sized treasures. I truly believe the deeper our understanding is of the Old, the more relevant God becomes in the New.