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 Speaking Topics By Trish

Trish Johnson leaning on a high table.Trish has a variety of Speaking Topics to teach the truth’s of God’s Word.  Trish speaks at conferences for a variety of organizations. The Speaking Topics are appreciated by both male and female audiences.  Trish expounds on the  details and symbolism found in God’s word. She teaches their meanings and helps her audience to apply them to modern life lessons.  These are just a portion of Trish’s Speaking Topics to give you an example of what Trish has studied and prepared to share at previous Speaking Events.

Trish has been a Bible teacher and speaker since 2004 in settings of all kinds and sizes, from men and women’s small groups and Bible studies, to retreats, conferences and more.  She received her BS in History from the University of Northern Iowa and has never outgrown her love for the things of old.  She is co-founder of Ignite Worldwide Ministry, a teaching ministry designed to make the Bible’s theology accessible to everyday believers.

Trish currently resides in Crystal Lake, IL with her husband, Mike, and their four wonderful children.  In addition to speaking, Trish is an self-proclaimed adventure junkie who’s life goal is to hike all six livable continents.




You are a warrior with a specialized and powerful weapon. The question is, are you trained and are you using that weapon? Do you want your prayers to be formidable and commanding? Learn how God has qualified and equipped you to be an influential person of prayer.

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Three seemingly insignificant verses in Scripture regarding three historical and “significant” women. One unloved and unwanted, the second unliked and unwelcomed, the third unknowing and unintentional. Have you ever felt any of these same things? Walk with me through how each one was loved by God and uniquely used to change history.


Have you ever been asked by God to do something and your immediate reaction was “Who me? Are you sure you have the right person God?” Often we respond just like Moses did when the Lord asked him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, clearly questioning God’s calling on his life. Because we feel we aren’t cut out for the job, we too question God’s calling on our life. The real question is, how will we respond?


Discover how the message of I AM is revealed through numbers found in Scripture. Throughout this journey through Scripture, we will dissect the meaning and symbolism of certain numbers, why they are seen over and over in the Bible, and how this knowledge will deepen our understanding of God.

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Paul says as believers we are now “the temple of the Living God,” but what made up the first Temple? Take an enriching walk through the ancient Tabernacle, stopping at each of the God-appointed objects to discern how each one points not only toward Christ, but Christ in us.

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God ordained seven great feasts to be celebrated as a form of worship, remembrance and honor towards the Holy One. Discover how each of the ancient feasts foreshadow the Messiah and God’s plan for believers. The connections between past and present will leave you with a desire to dig deeper into Scripture.

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Tricia Johnson is the real thing! Her book, Seven, is full of refreshing biblical insights that will help you in your walk with Jesus. On top of that, she’s a great speaker that really connects with her audience. I highly recommend her.
Bruce W. Martin, Invest Your Life Ministries
Tricia Johnson is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her understanding of scripture and Biblical History is astounding. She teaches with passion, conviction and authenticity. I could listen to her teach for hours.
Michelle Holladay, Contentment Project Blogger
When Tricia speaks, you are captivated from her first words to her last. She has such passion and knowledge when she speaks it leaves you wanting more.”
Ann Marsili, WillowCreek Community Church

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